About Devonia Business Park                           


Devonia Business Park was established in 2002 consisting of 296 acres in the County of Vermilion River. We have worked to create a commercial business park that will accommodate both light and heavy industry in a vibrant and easily accessible community.




Looking for a place to set up your business or perhaps you need to expand?


Devonia Business Park is a great choice as there are titled lots ready for sale, ranging in size from 2 acres to 70 acres. Our park offers you a great opportunity to choose your own location and lot size, becoming a part of the development.  


We, Devonia Business Park, West half of 31-49-1-W4, have made many contributions: upgraded turning lane on Highway 16; on-site storm water management; 3 phase power, gas and phone lines paid for to property line, or across the street; high elevated lots (some lot grading finished). As well, we have confirmation from the County of Vermilion River that no off-site levies will be charged on lands in Devonia Business Park.


Devonia Business Park is up front about all costs and has a completed Area Structure Plan. There are a lot of extra bonuses that the subdivision has to offer, which have been contributed by the developer. Many other parcels of land do not have these added features and must be paid out of the purchaser's pocket.


Devonia Business Park has no restricitons from the Intermunicipal Development Plan.


Contact Information:


Phone 780-871-2978

Fax:    780-875-9506

E-mail: dean@devoniabusinesspark.com